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Anonymous: I am convinced that you actually are chloe saunders

Are you really I am actually so honored that you said that

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Request- Probably the first, and last gif I ever do for this blog. They’re too difficult for me.

Send in your requests here.

Hey guys, I just want to let you all know that I’m going to be done with school in 2 weeks so I’ll hopefully fix my laptop by then so I can draw for you guys and finally post Facing Facts. :)

After Rising

 I was walking alongside the Gate, hoping to find her. She hadn’t been very cooperative lately. Yesterday, she’d slapped Ash, a very annoying kid who’s getting very mouthy at her. Yes, I’ve noticed. And yes, I’m not happy about it.

I could argue that she’d had a good reason for acting impulsively. He’d taken her diary – I had no idea she kept one – and thrown it across the sea. She didn’t understand why and she didn’t care. All she knew was that last peace of her old life was gone. And she was furious. That, and genuinely upset.

I know she misses them very much. She’d never admit it, but I see the hurt flutter in her eyes every time Hayley and Brokee fight. Or when Maya launches herself at her Dad. Her old family. Sister and Dad. She hasn’t spoken to them since we were on the run. Ten months. She doesn’t show it, but poor girl had gone through hell since then.

I could point out that she isn’t alone here. She has me, her biological father. She has Simon, my son. But he hasn’t been very nice to her, despite having me to remind him everyday. He’s better than my adopted son, who doesn’t seem to give a damn about the whole situation. I don’t blame them, though. They don’t know, and they don’t understand. Tori, puts a tough face, builds huge walls, and underneath all that she’s suffering and won’t let anyone in. Believe me. I’ve tried.

As i walked in those side walk, I spotted a girl about 5’6 with long medium-length dark hair. Tori, my daughter. She’s fine. Good. I mean not good since she won’t talk to me.

“Tori!” I shouted, “honey, listen to me. Please. Let’s talk”

the figure turned and it wasn’t Tori.

“Hi, kit.” Britney, a new girl in Badger town said. “I think, I saw her run through the door.” she paused, choosing her next words carefully. “she was um, crying. I think. I asked her if things were alright, and um, she ignored me. Did you say something to her?”

“no. I need to find her, okay. I’ll talk to you later.”

she waved goodbye as I headed for the door. I was ready for Tori to shout at me to leave her alone. Okay, that’s not fair. That makes the girl sound like a brat. And she’s not a brat. Tori has never shouted at me before, not even when I told her that the man she always thought was her father wasn’t in fact her father and I was her real father. I hadn’t had an affair with her Mother, though. She used a velto filtration because she was a crazy lady and wanted a powerful daughter. I of course hadn’t told her that. She was upset either way. But she hadn’t screamed or cried. She’d just told me I was wrong and stormed out of the room. Just like now. When I tried to get her to open up, she left the room. This time crying.

I walked in, expecting to see my daughter huddled up in a corner, crying and hugging her knees. Instead, i find her shoved against a wall with him on top of her. Bodies close together, and lips attached. His hands were all over her delicate body. One around her waist, and one under her shirt. Rage filled up in me. I cleared my throat, making them both part.

That’s when she noticed me. Embarrassment replaced her shock expression. She quickly recovered, not meeting my glare. I looked from her to him. Pointing at door I shouted, “out, now!”

Jett Antone isn’t the type to embrace orders. But now, looking at my daughter’s face he swallowed back whatever snarky comment he’d been thinking of and walked away.

“Okay, young lady, what was that?”

“Look, kit. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have stormed out on you. Um, and you shouldn’t have seen that…” still avoiding my eyes, she added, “it was well, i… um, you should really knock before you enter.”

Her and Jett weren’t dating, as far as I am concerned. “Why was he here?”

“He saw me running and crying, and he was um, comforting me.”

“I saw how comforting he was”

That made her flinch and I had to remind myself that even though I’m Tori’s father and love her as my only daughter, she is still getting used to the idea. I keep expecting her, to shout out that it isn’t non of my business. But her only response was red cheeks and avoiding eye contact.

She’s fragile now. And I don’t like anyone taking advantage of her. Also, I wanted to be the one to comfort her over the loss of what remained of her old life.

“How are you feeling?”

“About this? Embarrassed. About the diary? I’ll be fine, eventually. Don’t worry, I’m not a child. Its just that at the moment, I lost control and hit him. Seriously, can you blame me? What kind of a jackass steels your diary and throws it away? After READING it.” she rolled her eyes, still nervous. “I just wish it wasn’t the last thing I had from, you know….”

“I know, honey,” I said, forcing a sad smile at her. I went and hugged her. Tight. And told her that its going to be okay, everything’s alright and I will help her. With everything. To my surprise, she returned my hug. Which made me hold on even tighter and longer.

I kissed her forehead and let go. She was still embarrassed but she smiled.

“You and him? What’s the deal?” I asked as we pulled away from each other.

“Please, kit. Im already embarrassed enough.”

“I’m just making sure, he doesn’t take advantage of you.”

“Ie won’t and I won’t let him” she grinned. “I’m not a hopeless little girl. Even if I do get emotional at times.” she choked on the word.

“Seriously, Tori. You’re doing great. Im really proud of you. Except for the part where his hand were all over– ”

“Kit! You should’ve knocked. This is the make out spot. I know I jus came here to get away, but he was–”

“Just comforting you?”

“No he was worried. Just like you, and started asking questions, then hugging….”

“Then making out”

she gave me a look that said i wasn’t making this easy for her. “He just… I started it. He was hesitant at first, and then… I know that isn’t something you wanted to witness. I hadn’t even noticed it’d gone that far. I-I –”

“You don’t owe me an explanation. I appreciate you giving me one. I really do. But clearly this isn’t easy, so we’ll just leave at that. I just hope you know what you’re doing and not making yourself look easy.”

she looked… I don’t know. But I do know she didn’t like the last part. I’d known she hadn’t made herself easy for anyone. From the first time I met her. Ten months ago.

“I’m sorry, hon. I didn’t mean to upset you. You know that. I am just–”

“Worried about me? I know. You don’t have to. I can take care of myself.”

“I know,” I said, reaching for another hug. It wasn’t awkward, at least not for me. She seemed very familiar and warm. I stroked her hair murmuring that she was very strong. I wouldn’t have been able to handle what she’s gone through at fifteen.

“Tori?” Ash’s voice seemed to have been echoing. He has enhance sense of hearing which means he’s heard everything. “Can I talk to you?”

Tori stepped out of my arms as Ash started to stride in. “I thought your in here with Jett.”

“Umm, he left. I don’t know where he is.”

“I wanted to talk to you. Not him.” he looked at me, as if asking me to leave. Then, it hit me. He’d stolen her diary. Read it and then thrown it in the ocean. Why? At first, I’d thought because he doesn’t like her. Now, looking at him I realized it’s the opposite. He’s started to like her which is why he’s been mean to her. This is his first time and I’m sure he’s tried to ignore his feelings and failed.

“I’ll leave you guys to talk.” I kissed my daughter goodbye on the side of her forehead, and Ash nodded a thank you toward me.

As I left I peaked one more glance at my daughter, and realized soon she’ll have a new problem to worry about.

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you guys should submit fanfictions or one shots for other fans to read. 

it’ll be fun and that way if you’re all writing and submitting things, you wont always have to rely on me to upload stories. as long as they get sent in, i’ll put them on a page asap and you will be credited for your work. 

you can submit them here (x)

& yes i will accept stories even though im currently on hiatus no i didnt forget about this blog at all

hey could you make a one shot about aunt Lauren catching Derek and Chloe making out

i could. i’ll start it today but i cant type it up yet since my laptop is getting wiped on sunday so i can actually do things on it and start using this blog again it doesnt save things without crashing and its been doing this since like late february or early march? idk but if anyone wants to submit fanfics you are 100% welcome to do so

Anonymous: How would you estimate the time before Facing Facts is upÉ Iève been looking all over for it.

It’ll be up as soon as I figure out how to copy text from a pdf. I don’t know how long that would take, roughly. But I’m hoping it doesn’t take very long.

I finish all my exams on Tuesday (next week), so when I finish, I’ll spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. So hopefully it’ll be up  next week.

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wwreck: Is it okay if you can post "Divided"? B/c I've been trying to look for it all around the Internet and I can't find it

Divided is already up. :)

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whenthedaysare-cold: hi I'm brazilian, sorry for my english, but I loved your tumblr ;)

Thank you!

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okay facing facts may take a while because I have the literal ebook and I cant really copy and paste it on here…so you may have to wait a bit until I figure out how to get it to text format idk wish me luck?????????

Disenchanted is now up (x)

Now to post Facing Facts..

Divided is now up (x)

Sorry it took so long, but to make up for it I’m spending all day posting stories for you guys, meaning Disenchanted should be up later today.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous: Are you eventually going to be posting the diveded and disenchanted stories? thank you x

I am, yes, but I’ve actually barely been on tumblr to even post them or do drawings as I have projects due for school. I was really hoping to get them up over the holiday, though, but I’ve been so busy.

But I promise they’ll be up by at least mid-February. :)

Edit: They’re all up (except Facing Facts).

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Request- Good luck, Derek. Your children don’t and never will like physics as much as you or ever.

Send in your requests here.